The State of Katrina

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The state of Katrina is a state of desperation and one that obviously is misplaced upon our list of priorities at the government level.

Congress is not in session at the moment to pass any kind of aid bill for the Gulf Coast affected by Katrina. I just heard on the news moments ago from a prominent Congressman from Louisiana that Congress will be called upon in the next day or so. The days ahead are absolutely critical to the Southeast and everyone at the federal level continues to drag their feet on this.

I guess my central argument here is the fact that Congress along with President Bush were very swift with their actions to assist the Iraqi people and we still continue that assistance today with a huge military presence. However, when our own people here are dying and in desperate need of help, there was no immediate help except for police on a localized level.

Was Katrina unforeseen? Did we have no knowledge of her enormous presence? No, we never saw her coming. Doesnt that remind you of another disaster that happened under President Bush's watch? We never knew of any terrorist cells living among us in 34 U.S. cities either.

I really did not want to tie these two instances together, but I am still amazed that with all the money and effort we put into our intelligence agencies we had no response immediately on the ready.

The Navy is now on their way to the Gulf of Mexico with supplies and such. They are, as of this post, three days out from serving the first meal to any victims. Three days huh? Why are they so unprepared? Why does it take so long to get supplies to that area when I am almost certain Charleston, SC has many naval ties in Charleston Harbor. A bass boat from Charleston, SC would make it to New Orleans in less than four days.

The answer to this question will be that they needed time to gather supplies and load the ships. That is the need for so many days. Again, I knew several days ago that Katrina was going to devastate the Gulf coast. Are you willing to look me in the eye and tell me I knew more about Katrina than the White House? More than FEMA?

On Good Morning America this morning, President Bush pledged "zero tolerance" for looters in the New Orleans area. It is one man's belief that there are more important issues at hand than looting. If I landed in the same situation today as these people, I would also loot any store I could for food and supplies.

These people have been told just to wait, we are coming with help. Yes, indeed we are coming with help in three more days. So, for now, just starve and don't worry about dehydration or disease. All the while, we will be sure to prosecute you for doing what is absolutely necessary to survive.

The food and drinks and other supplies being looted will go to complete waste anyway because there is no power. Let these people have what they need to live and let's worry about other things like widespread disease and evacuation of people from the area. Let us worry instead about all the dead bodies still underwater and let us also worry about the rescue of people still trapped by floodwaters.

After the storm hit, President Bush made a pitch on Medicare to the elderly in Arizona. Who really cares about Medicare when thousands of our citizens are dead due to natural disaster? I know I care nothing about it.

By the way, in closing this post, let us also stay at our ranch in Crawford and not worry about returning to Washington just yet to prepare for the task at hand.

All Americans will sacrifice something due to this tragedy and the President is not immune to it either. As a matter of fact, he did finally leave for Washington to fly over New Orleans and cut his month long vacation two days short. Bravo for Mr. Bush!! He is an example to all Americans.